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Hi (G'day as Aussies say & Kiora as New Zealanders say)! Just to confuse you, I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) who has been living in Australia for the past 24 years (obviously I moved there when I was a very young child:-)).

I am married to an aussie, Mr K, have an aussie child who I have told he is a Kiwi, JK (12 yr old with tween issues), plus my aussie step daughter, Miss K, (18.5), has lived with us for the past 6 years.

The star in our family is our puppy who stars in his own blog, & has his own Facebook fanclub...seriously! Whew! All straight with that then?

We live in the most glorious beach resort town called the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. I started blogging for my family a few years back as they all live in NZ, and then I found FB. I have been a serious blogger since January 2009 (so just a newbie) and I 'heart' it! It takes my mind off my health issues which include chronic migrianes, chronic lower backpain, and I am a coeliac with chronic fatigue syndrome. I seriously must have been a mass murderer in another life to have that 'dream list' of complaints, but hey, you deal with the hand you're dealt right? They can't all be royal flushes!

In my former life I was Miss International New Zealand, a model, professional speaker, professional sales trainer & motional speaker & trainer, events organiser, and a promotions exec. You may be sensing a Driver, Type A personality by now, throw a perfectionist Virgo in there, and voila, YOU HAVE ME!

Hang in there!
ciao from aussie xoxo