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March 24, 2009


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A very informative post with good tips. Sites like these are a haven for sexual predators. A subject close and dear to my heart.

Ching Ya

Michelle's blog always inspires me, although I'm yet to be a mom, but I'd like to be prepared before the day comes (hopefully).

Anyhow, very relevant points given by Michelle. Teenagers nowadyas are way too smart and exposed to IT than us. It's important for parents to have some basic knowledge as well, while educating them the good/bad of internet usage. I agree on the PC/laptop being kept at a public area, like the living room etc. Thanks for sharing, Michelle, good job.

Social Media/Blogging

veronica lee

Wow, this is sooo what I needed. My son was actually asking permission to set up a Friendster profile. Thanks a million for the info!

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